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    “In essence,” one researcher noted, “what you believe by the time you are 13 is what you will die believing. Of course, there are many individuals who go through life-changing experiences in which their beliefs are altered, or instances in which a concentrated body of religious teaching changes one or more core beliefs. However, most people’s minds are made up and they believe they know what they need to know spiritually by age 13. Their focus in absorbing religious teaching after that age is to gain reassurance and confirmation of their existing beliefs rather than to glean new insights that will redefine their foundations.”

    WOW! That sheds some light on why we believe HIGHER GROUND is not a babysitting service but rather a real, vital, life-transforming ministry!

    At Harvest Bible Chapel we have a large group of dedicated volunteers who take very seriously the privilege of caring for, mentoring, teaching and enjoying your children. Each week significant effort is invested in the lives of these young children. We always hear of how much 'fun' they had during their church experience but more importantly to us as parents we know they were also worshiping God and hearing His word taught in an age appropriate manner.

    HIGHER GROUND is for infants right up to those in grade five.  All the students are in their classrooms for the entire worship service. These classes are offered during both of our Sunday AM services.

    We have a security system in place to protect and care for your children as well as a means to notify you during the service if you are needed in your child's class. And we have first-aid people on notice, an abuse policy in place and overall care and control of all areas where children are present seeking to honor and care for your family so they can enjoy their time and you can relax and concentrate in a distraction free service.

    HIGHER GROUND has four age specific areas in which each child is secure physically and is loved and cared for by approved and responsible adults and youth support staff. In our Children’s program, each child is valued and taught the Word of God in age appropriate ways in order to ensure that our children learn and have fun during their time in HIGHER GROUND.

    • NURSERY – A warm and comfortable ministry room where infants (0-11 months) are lovingly cared for.
    • CLIMBERS - As these little ones (12-23 months) begin to explore and climb, they will be safe in their surroundings.
    • HIKERS –  These active toddlers (2 years-3 years) are kept busy with songs, activities and personal attention which are important to these loved ones busy building their language skills.
    • EXPLORERS  – These curious pre-K and Kindergarten children (4 years-Kindergarten) are eager to learn about relationships with others and their importance to God through songs, activities and a weekly lesson. 
    • BEDROCK – Primary children (grade 1-grade 3) want to know about God, His world and their relationship to Him. They learn about this through weekly lessons and memory verses.
    • LIFEROCK – These school age children (Grades 4-5) have their own time of teaching and learning three Sundays a month. They also sit in the service with their families once a month.
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