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    Tim Schad

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    Tim Schad loves adventure and climbing trees.  He’s loved them ever since he was a child, growing up in Godley, Illinois, a small village an hour south of Chicago.  He describes growing up as “a blast.”  Until a recent summer storm damaged it, Tim’s favorite climbing tree was in an NIU Cru staff member’s backyard.   
    Tim grew up attending church and made a profession of faith in Christ during middle school.  But, Tim would say his spiritual life was very much performance-driven.  He wanted to play the good church kid to please others and look good.
    The real turning point in his relationship with Christ occurred when he transferred to NIU his sophomore year of college.  He attended all the “free food” events that different organizations hosted before classes—and the dining halls—opened.  He attended a Cru cookout and came to the weekly meeting right before Fall Retreat.  On a whim, Tim decided to go to Fall Retreat.  “God rocked me,” Tim would say is the best description of the weekend.   A student (Jimi Vilson), who is also now on staff with Cru, shared his testimony during the retreat.  The Lord used Jimi’s story at the retreat to transform Tim’s understanding of following Christ and an adventure more exciting than climbing any tree (or mountain) began.
    Because of his adventurous spirit, Tim enjoys exploring new things and places, which feeds into his enthusiasm for exploring new ministries.  During his two years interning with Cru, Tim has  co-led Cru’s weekly meeting team, led freshmen community groups and discipled several students.  Currently, he is helping a student leader explore launching Cru high school here in DeKalb.  
    Using his Illustration degree from NIU, He has also participated in Cru’s summer mission in Chicago specializing in co-leading a small team of students focused on using their graphic design, writing and other creative skills to craft one of Cru’s Winter Conferences.  The visual and thematic elements at the conference will be seen by nearly 2,000 students who will have the opportunity for God to rock their worlds much like Tim experienced at his first Cru event.  Tim sees the area of visual design to be very important in the fulfillment of the Great Commission. “Visual design conveys a message, captures emotion. It says a lot without saying anything.  Making designs that convey the truth of the gospel in a welcoming environment is essential.”
    Tim is prayerfully considering what God has for him after his second year interning with Cru ends this May of 2016.  He is praying about joining staff with Cru long-term or pursuing work using his design skills.

    You can contact Tim @