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    Dave and Courtnee White

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    Dave and Courtnee White both grew in small towns in Ohio.  Dave grew up near Akron, Ohio, and attended Ohio University where he studied Ancient Greek and Roman History. Courtnee grew up near Cleveland, Ohio, and attended Wittenberg University where she studied English Literature, Journalism and Creative Writing.  But both of them found themselves "majoring" in ministry through Cru (or Campus Crusade for Christ).  Having grown up attending church, both had similar "Aha!" experiences of learning what it really meant to follow Christ during their college years.  
    Courtnee joined staff with Cru after college but first served with The JESUS Film Project, an arm of the Cru ministry focused on reaching the world--especially the least-reached parts of the 10/40 Window.  (The JESUS Film is a film on the life of Christ taken from the gospel of Luke that has been translated into more than 1,500 languages.)  Courtnee used her writing skills working in the communications department and her love for people working in the Human Resources department.  She then transferred to the campus ministry to return to the college campus with a passion to reach students.  She served at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, prior to their assignment to come here to serve at Northern Illinois University.  
    Dave joined staff with a passion for reaching freshmen and helping men develop into godly leaders during their college years.  He was serving at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, when he was asked to give leadership to the Cru staff team at Northern Illinois University.  Dave is passionate about trying new things to reach every student at NIU and the surrounding community colleges with the gospel.

    You can contact Dave at http://david.f.white@cru.org/ or Courtnee at http://courtnee.white@cru.org/