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    Matt and Ashley Klockenga

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    Matt & Ashley along with their daughters Gracie and Emma are a young missionary family who are serving the First Nations peoples in Northwest Ontario. They have a passion for making Christ known in the places where the gospel is not yet established. Their long-term goal is to help the First Nations people in this region establish their own native led local churches. We believe God has called them to live among the people and do life on life discipleship. 
    We are their sending/home church. Matt and Ashley worshipped and served as a part of our church body starting in 2008. Christ used our fellowship here to equip and build them for the work of the ministry. After sending them off in the fall of 2015 we now have the privilege of supporting and encouraging them from a distance.
    You can sign up for their updates by emailing your contact information to mattklock@gmail.com

    Matt’s Testimony
    The story of my salvation is not as black and white as Ashley's, my heart changed slowly over the course of many years. The Lord revealed to me in 2008 His plan of fulfilling the great commission through His people. My introduction to the Unreached Peoples of the world showed a larger purpose to the gospel. At the same time, God was teaching me about the role of the local church in missions. When I met Ashley I was extremely thankful that she had the same passion for the church and the unreached. In 2010 we were married.

    Ashley’s Testimony
    In February 2008 the Lord pulled me out of the sins I had been living in and opened my eyes to His gospel. I wanted other people to know the Jesus I had encountered who covered my sins and conquered death on my behalf. Soon after I met some amazing women through a college ministry, one of whom was applying to a missions agency. My heart beat faster as she told me about places where people had never heard the name of Jesus. As time went on, my desire to go out with the gospel grew. Along the way the Lord blessed me with a friendship to a young man, whose love for missions I found quite compelling, named Matthew Klockenga.